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Bellingham Rainout Number 360-778-7055

Class in the NWBL

A Working Document on Class in the NWBL

Our NWBL motto/goals statement:  “Enjoy competing, play and behave with class, show respect for the game – umpires, teammates, opponents, and spectators.”

Class (good sportsmanship) in the NWBL for the adult recreational sport of baseball

  • Welcoming opponents as they come to the game site as much as possible; it’s friendly competition, not a battle or war; the game has so much inbuilt failure
  • Showing respect by use of words and/or body language to the umpire and learning how question a call appropriately without a confrontation or showing him up:
    • as a field manager or base coach on a close base-running call
    • as line-up maker filling out a line-up card appropriately for the opponent
    • as a pitcher who feels “pinched” with the strike zone or a victim of  strike zone inconsistency
    • as a batter who feels “pinched” by a strike call or feels like a victim of strike zone inconsistency
    • as a base-runner avoiding collisions as much as possible within the rules
    • as an infielder faking a tag that could lead to an injury
    •  as a participant that family, friends, and/or fans are watching and hearing; especially avoid using bad language that younger or older fans can pick up
  • Making the game a positive experience for everyone
    • a thank you to the umpire for being there even after he’s had a tough game; we badly need umpires so we can play
    • compliments to opposing players for outstanding plays
    • rooting on teammates
    • showing you enjoy the game rather than being obsessed about it
    • leaving your dugout clean and doing any necessary field work
    • reporting good things from both teams for input for game summaries
  • Avoiding things like:
    • hollering at opponents
    • running up the score; a basic guide is no base stealing and bunting for hits if you’re well ahead
    • coming across as macho
    • using intentional delaying tactics to protest a call or take unfair advantage of potential darkness situations
    • whining and complaining
    • leaving the field without any friction resolved and as friends

(as of 4/24/16)